Shen Yun, ‘So Peaceful. We’ll be Back Next Year,’ Says US Army Engineer

April 3, 2017

“It was beautiful. The performers are so talented. They are so flowy, it’s just like seeing water flow by. It’s so peaceful. We’ll be back next year.” 

“The dancing skills were so fluid, and effortless, and professional. It’s amazing how talented these people are. … They must put in years and years of training.” 

“I loved the “Yellow Blossoms” [vignette,] because when I watched it, it made me feel really good. … The way they choreographed it, [it was] so beautiful to see them flutter, to see the blossom spiral.”

“The music is beautiful. I like the two-stringed instrument (erhu). That was beautiful. … [I feel] very relaxed, and it’s pleasant to listen to.” 

“The stories – [They are] beautiful. I learned something about the Chinese [history].” 

“I’m Asian, and I’ve been brought up in the [same] kind of culture – respect your elders, respect others, feel empathy for people, love people.”