Shen Yun Shows We Are Connected to the Divine

February 11, 2018

“The show is phenomenal, breathtaking, moving. In fact, I teared up with one of the scenes. It was beautiful.”

“It just felt like we may be different in culture, but we are all very much the same human beings. We all want the same kind of relationship with others, the relationship with our communities, the relationship with how we see the Divine.”

“We’re very alike, and yet this is such a unique expression of the Chinese culture, and it was moving. I went to church this morning, and the message in church was very similar, in fact, exactly the message of that music. It was the same, that sense of becoming connected again to the Divine and being okay with life.”

It was beautiful. I loved the soprano. The music was beautiful. What a voice—so powerful. The music, the dancing, all of it is just exemplary. It’s fantastic.”