Shen Yun ‘Should be required watching for everybody,’ Says Former VP

April 8, 2017

“I thought it was magical and so inspirational and very spiritual. I think it is something that we need right now in our lives because of all the unrest in the world today. To come in here, it is like almost going to heaven. It is just … the joy, and the happiness, it is just pervasive. It is beautiful.” 

“Yes, I love the fact that there is a higher being, that there is a God. And I like the tribute to Him, because we didn’t just appear on the earth, we were created, we have a Creator. And we are losing that, we are losing God in our society. And that is a sad thing because when you lose God, you lose virtues. And all through the ages, philosophers, psychologists always debate one thing, and that is virtue. And once a society loses its virtue, it loses everything. And I think this reinforces the fact that virtue is important.” 

“The [soprano’s] song was important. The song was written for today’s world. But I think the song, and I think the whole atmosphere was very spiritual. It was a tribute to a higher being. And that came forth in the dancing, beautiful choreography, and the songs, of course, the music, everything. It was like we were in heaven.” 

“[The lyrics were] wonderful. Wonderful. I like it because it was brief and to the point. And she reiterated them, you got the message.” 

“I love the Chinese culture, before communism. I love that culture. And I just think that the whole concept is so beautiful. And we need positive reinforcement and we need God. And this play had everything in it. I think it should be required watching for everybody.” 

“Having been the VP of an international cosmetics company, and worked all over the world, one of the things we always used to stress was put your best sale forward. And sometimes, your makeup is right, your hair is right, it gives you confidence. And you feel like you look good, so you act good. And I thought everything was impeccable, the hair, the makeup, the colors were incredible. You would enjoy seeing all these people, as well as hearing and watching them perform. It was an amazing performance.” 

“I just want to say that this was magical. And it just filled me and my friends with a good feeling. And I noticed, as we were walking out, everybody was smiling, that’s very rare, when you have a group of people like that, and everybody is smiling, and that’s a beautiful thing, that’s what [Shen Yun has] done — given us a gift tonight. Thank you. It was beautiful.” 

(What would you like to tell the performers?) “Just well done, two thumbs up, congratulations, you were impeccable, I don’t know how you do what you do, every night, but you are amazing, and I applaud you. Fabulous job.”