Shen Yun Reveals Suppression of Spirituality in China

February 26, 2017

“It is very harmonious. The music is very well integrated with the imagery. The colors are well distributed with the cinematography. And absolutely the mastery of the dancers is outstanding.”

“The ‘[Yellow] Blossoms’ is a masterful way of combining of all the movement and transmitting an energetic and the same time peaceful, harmonic vibration.”

“Obviously, there is some spirituality that overlays over the performance. There is an important spiritual message in confrontation with the materialistic approach to the world [and its] … suppression of the culture that is so old, as well as blocking the freedom of spirituality.”


“I think the show is important in many different layers. One of them is to create awareness of the issues that are on-going that started with communism in China. But it also gives awareness of losing many historical traditions.”