Shen Yun Representative of Why People Are on Earth

April 23, 2017

“I absolutely loved it. I had read up about it a little bit. I had heard about it, and it’s far exceeded my expectations, it was amazing, I loved it.” 

“I think what I enjoyed about it was that I felt the energy. It wasn’t just the beautiful techniques of the dancing, but it was the heart that went into it, the facial expressions, and the way that the music, and the actual theme of the story was interpreted, was reflected in the energy given out of the facial expressions, the way the bodies were moving. They were all moving in sync, they were all feeding off each other as one. It was a group, but it was really like one, you know the way they are performing, so I really love that about it.” 

“I think the whole thing to me was spiritual. There’s a little humor in it too, but I think the whole theme about what it represented, and all the aspects of the Buddha, and life after death, and good versus evil, I thought that was really representative of why we were here on earth.”

“The music was amazing, and the costumes were out of this world. It was a visual representation that was the visual, the performance, the energy, the soul. The whole thing was amazing. I would come back again and recommend it to everyone.”