Shen Yun Reinvigorates Belief in Culture

March 2, 2017

“I think the show was fantastic. I tried to pick a favourite part but I couldn’t, because everything was my favourite.


“All the colours were wonderful, all the sounds, the songs. … I like the use of the props on the stage, the bowls, the drums, and the umbrellas.”


“Around the world, people have lost a lot of [their] culture. Everything now is so modern and quick, quick, quick. Nothing is about family and culture anymore, so I like how [the Shen Yun performances] make you think about culture again.


“[In my culture,] we believe that we are from the Kingdom of Heaven and that we came to the Earth, and then through something, which is God, we go back to Heaven, just like what they [Shen Yun] are saying. And I enjoyed it very much because I could see that in our culture too.”


“It was beautiful. I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to get up and leap and start dancing around in my dress.”


“I think without culture, without having a little bit of religion there is no substance to people. … It is good to have those kinds of values and to give them to your kids so that they could grow up with morals and values. … It is good to have that depth in their life.”