Shen Yun Permeates All the Senses, Director of National Organization Says

May 5, 2017

“It was worth it because it was a beautiful day in Barcelona to see the show, to visit the Liceu …, and it’s really spectacular. It’s all an experience because I could not even imagine that this existed.”

“It transports you to places and experiences that you never imagined. They are something so far from ours that you feel effectively transported to another world.”

“The music is very different from anything one is accustomed to, and I am an inveterate music-lover. It brings me experiences that I did not even imagine. It is all very different from what one is accustomed to see, to hear, to listen to. The truth is that it is impressive.”

“You really think about the country from which this comes—something that is completely on the other side of the world. And I think you are predisposed to be transported to that site. When you are inside [the theater], you find that it is already as if you were not here, but rather as if you were thousands of miles from here.”

“All ancestral cultures get the inspiration from their respective gods, and they [Shen Yun artists] effectively express it in that way—as a mixture of the human but also inspired by the divine.”