Shen Yun Performance: ‘Picture Perfect’

May 8, 2017

“In one word awesome. The best live performance I have ever seen in my life. The culture, the perfection of the dance, the emotions, the compassion, everything, everything, Picture perfect I can say.”

“I see “compassion in the whole performance … for example, in the dance, the arts, the way they are performing, the activity, the performance Yellow Blossom. It is still fresh in my mind, the best piece.

“It feels really good from inside. You come here, and then you block your mind from intellect activities, and you are flying in one dream. And you don’t want that dream to drop off or be incomplete. Just hope the dream goes on forever and forever.”

“If we can get rid of all of our anger, hatred, harming people, if we can make a better world to sustain… It is this kind of performance that can give this kind of message to us — to get rid of our black side and be purified as much as possible, so that we can make the world a better place for the future and for our own mission forthcoming.”