Shen Yun Is ‘Special’ Says Neuchatel Cultural Delegate

May 14, 2010 Updated: May 15, 2010

Patrice Neuenschwander, cultural delegate of the city of Neuchatel (The Epoch Times)
Patrice Neuenschwander, cultural delegate of the city of Neuchatel (The Epoch Times)
NEUCHATEL, Switzerland—Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company graced the stage at Neuchatel's Théâtre du Passage with its opening show on Thursday, May 13.

Neuchatel is an historic town located in northwest Switzerland. It is known for its impressive architecture and natural beauty, as well as its high-tech industry.

Patrice Neuenschwander, cultural delegate of the city of Neuchatel, came to the opening show of Shen Yun on Thursday.

"I have very much enjoyed this show which glorifies ancient China and its values," he said after watching the show.

"This is a truly magical show, the colors are really extraordinary, the costumers are fantastic, the technique of both the male and female dancers are also quite remarkable. It’s really a beautiful spectacular."

As the cultural delegate for the City, Mr. Neuenschwander deals with different cultural performers and artists such as theatre and dance groups and writers. He is also in contact with twin towns and the Federal Office of Culture and his counterparts in other cities through the Conference of Swiss Cities and Cultural Issues.

Mr. Neuenschwander said that he has welcomed many different shows to Neuchatel, but noted Shen Yun holds a special place.

"This one is special in that it conveys a culture that we aren't used to coexist with here in Europe and that we might have a bit forgotten," he said.

"I discovered one part of the Chinese culture that I didn’t know about."

The show, Mr. Neuenschwander said, is a "grand extravaganza of color and movement."

'The show is quite colorful'

Anna-Marie Liechti (L) and her daughter Anne Liechti (The Epoch Times)
Anna-Marie Liechti (L) and her daughter Anne Liechti (The Epoch Times)
Also coming to see the show was Anne-Marie Liechti, a retired French teacher, from Bienne.

She explained that her children brought her to the show.

"The show is quite colorful. We can see that this show is quite colorful in its form and its colors, and its brightness. We really appreciated it," she said.

'The scenery is very well done'

Suzanne Langelle, a German-English translator, was also among the audience on Thursday evening.

She said she was impressed with many different aspects of the show.

"The scenery is very well done, the costumes are very interesting, great harmony in everything, and also the artists were smiling," she said.

"I find this very good, because there are artists who perform well, dance well, and have no expression. Those [Shen Yun artists' expressions] I think overall, were extraordinary expressions. We see that many artists love their job and that comes through."

Suzanne Langelle (The Epoch Times)
Suzanne Langelle (The Epoch Times)
She also found the show's bilingual emcees, one of Chinese ethnicity and the other of European ethnicity, quite interesting.

"This was the big surprise because the person who was of European descent spoke Chinese, and the other person spoke French."

She said Shen Yun presents "a summer of Chinese life," and is an "escape from the enclosed world of China."

"There is also another part that shows you that in any critical situation, there is hope," she said.

The New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company will perform in Neuchatel, Switzerland, from May 13 to 16.

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