‘Just All-Around Wonderful’

March 28, 2009 Updated: March 30, 2009

PHOENIX—Ms. Fulwilder is a former graphic designer and a member of the Mohican Tribe.  The diversity of Chinese cultures portrayed in the performance reminded her of the many native cultures in the United States. 

She said, “For me it was like taking a trip through China and seeing all the array of different Chinese cultures according to the environments that they come from, and the impact that the environment has on a culture and all of the beauty of the culture." 

Dances from Mongolia, from Tibet and from the Yi people enrich the Shen Yun show.  Friday, March 27 was Shen Yun Performing Art’s first night at Arizona State University’s Gammage Theater.

“The culture is just very colorful, spiritual, and I saw where there was … a persecution of Dafa, so I was just trying to follow that. That message … being portrayed in the performance—I think I got it: There was that struggle going on and this performance is trying to educate people about [this] struggle, and this performance is trying to bring back some of the elements that have been lost because of that struggle in the past, and it’s … still is going on in China."

As a graphic artist, Ms. Fulwilder was impressed with the projected backdrops:  “Oh, I thought they were beautiful and I liked the way that they brought … the characters from the backdrops right into the performance. I just thought that was very three dimensional, unique. I liked that very much.

“I highly recommend the performance to other people. I think it’s educational, entertaining, and just all-around wonderful.”

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