Shen Yun: Masters of Their Art

January 12, 2018

“I was blown away. It’s really a beautiful performance. We’re seated front and center. It’s the first time I’m seeing a show like this.”

“These are people who have mastered their art form in an exceptional way. They’ve worked really hard. Despite their youth, they’ve got a ton of experience. I see them really well. I see their faces, so they are fairly young and, my God, it’s like they have years of experience.”

“I liked all the pieces … It’s complete mastery. It’s a lesson for me to see athletes like this in song and dance, in expression, the feelings expressed in their movements. I found that fabulous. … The way they used the backdrops was very effective.”

“If people want to surround themselves with beauty and see wonderful things, it’s time to come and see this show absolutely.”