Shen Yun Makes Chinese Business Owner Proud of Her Culture

April 12, 2018

“[Shen Yun provides] education for [people in] the U.S. to learn a lot about the Chinese culture, so it’s wonderful.”

“I am familiar with [these stories]; I am from China. Now I see it, and it just makes me feel good.”

“We brought our friends here, and they’ve never seen it. So, for them it’s an eye-opening experience. They think it’s the most wonderful thing. It’s good for the American people to understand Chinese traditions, and it’s not something easy to understand.

“Every culture has a different background. Everybody’s different. And then with that communicated to the American people, and letting them understand why Chinese people do certain things that way, [they see] it’s just tradition. Now I am proud of it.”

“The whole thing is art. People don’t understand. They think Chinese people just sing, … We have so many different [skills], … [Americans have] never seen it. Now they see it. … It’s just so wonderful.”

“You bet [I would recommend it].”