Shen Yun Makes ‘a Strong, Lasting Impact’

February 8, 2017

“I’m from Orlando, Florida. I came over here to see this spectacular event because all of the tickets were sold out in Orlando at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, so I said, ‘I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to wait for another year.’”


“The movements, the choreography, the scenes and the backdrop—everything came together, unifying all of the elements of action, [the] visual, music together to create a strong, lasting impact.”


“[The message I perceived is] that life is impermanent, … that we need to put our values in perspective. … And heaven is a good place. We can have different words to express that beautiful, good place when we no longer exist here. We go to a very rewarding, comforting, beautiful place, but we must prepare.”


“I was focused. I was engaged in their movements. There was a particular scene where the whole audience became very emotional with the flowers [the dance ‘Yellow Blossoms’] and the way they coordinated the movement of the whole group. The audience got very emotional and applauded, and I thought that was wonderful. Also the drumming—the drummers from Tibet [‘Tibetan Drums’]. The audience also got very emotional. And there were the sad stories and the happy stories.”