Shen Yun is ‘Unique, Historical, Spiritual,’ Former IT Director Says

April 5, 2018

“It’s wonderful. The elegance in the dancing is fantastic. I’m really intrigued by the Chinese dance system, [with] so many different movements and positions and jumps, tumbling. It’s really fabulous. The hand positioning, everything’s so intricate.”

“It looks so classical, and yet so modern, at times. It just seems like it’s a mix of history and modern stories, just a lot of interesting things to see.”

“[The traditional Chinese culture] is fabulous. I’m learning a little bit more just by every dance I see in the show. … The spiritual element is really coming across, which I didn’t realize, because obviously with the Chinese government now, so much of the spiritual part of the culture has been hammered down, pushed down.”

“The spiritual part is wonderful. … I think that will resonate very, very well certainly in the United States. … It comes across as very apparent. And how that’s incorporated into the dance is spectacular.”

“[It’s] refreshing, new, different, unique, historical, spiritual.”