Shen Yun ‘Is Truly Unforgettable’

March 30, 2017

“It is very visually stunning. I was sitting close enough to go and see their expressions on their faces. The details, and the color of the costumes, and the music in the background — the orchestra was outstanding. It was really great.”


“There is a lot of passion … I was moved—it is unique to see.”


“That harmony between the western and eastern music just merged together and gave us more depth [into the performance].”


“The spiritual performance, the involvement of the actors, or the actresses, gives us an understanding of what the challenges were in the ages of the every century that they were trying to depict to us as the audience. It was very impressive.”


“The way [the soloist] brought herself up to the audience, and the music that she was providing, the tone, the depth, and she was looking clearly at us, and all the notes that she had — it was just quite amazing … [the lyrics were] very poignant and appropriate.” 


“I would say it is truly unforgettable.”


“Shen Yun is definitely something you cannot describe. It is something you have to see.”

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