Shen Yun Is ‘Top Notch, Electrifies You,’ Entertainment Industry Consultant Says

April 15, 2018

“The show has been colorful, exciting, and adventurous.”

“It electrifies you.”

“The performers are fantastic.”

“There is a lot of meaning behind it. … I understand the stories that are being told. They are really exciting, and they are told with a lot of imagination and a lot of art. The creativity has been fantastic.”

“[The value I see is] just accessing the qi, the life.”

“It is magnificent. The coordination is fantastic. Getting all those people to just line up like that and tell that story, that’s absolutely fantastic.”

“The orchestra for me is a combination of the Orient and America. It is modernized and then it is traditional at the same time.”

“It’s taking me on a journey. I get to transcend. The arts are to take us from one place to another place, and this is taking me to many places.”

“[I would recommend it]. This is a terrific time.”

“I’m very impressed with the organization, the orchestration, the direction, and the production. It is top notch.”