Shen Yun Is ‘The quintessential example of human creativity,’ Says Professor of the Year

March 19, 2017

“The Shen Yun experience is the quintessential example of human creativity [and] imagination through dance, music, and creative expression. It encompasses all elements of what it means to be human including our need to seek truth, to be compassionate to one another, and to be tolerant of one another.



“Perhaps we take this for granted sometimes in our everyday lives, but this profound experience will leave you with a notion of thinking of these deeply embedded values that we have as human beings.”


“I think that the combination of humor, reality, and perseverance is deeply and wonderfully woven throughout the whole performance. For me, what was left as a profound, long-lasting experience, will be freedom – the freedom of expression; the freedom to fulfill one’s dreams and human potential; the freedom to seek truth, beauty, and justice.”


“It would be one of those so-called bucket lists and things to see in one’s lifetime. Words cannot express, I can’t articulate the profound impact of this experience. It’s one that one has to experience; it’s very, very personal, it’s somewhat spiritual, and more importantly, it’s profound.”