Shen Yun Is ‘the Best Decision I Ever Made’

January 20, 2017

“Everything comes together perfectly. I could see the colour of the equipment that they use and all the costumes that they have, with the background, and the match is absolutely perfect. They use everything so well.”


“It was so impressive to see the background with the people flying, coming down, and the real people coming out exactly, like millimetres, from where they were supposed to land. So it looked very real, and I was very impressed with that. I almost wish the kids were there because they would have been very impressed.”


“What’s beautiful is that the stories also represent the culture, which allowed us to learn a lot about it. It just brought you to a magical place with the fairies and the magic, the magicians and the wizards, I felt like a kid again. It was awesome.”


“[There were] beautiful messages. Just reading [the lyrics on the backdrop] while the gentleman was singing the opera, the messages were beautiful. It almost brings you to a place of reflection. What’s interesting is to see that, as different cultures, we have the same beliefs, in a certain way, it’s just presented in different ways. So, I connected, I loved it.”


“[The tenor] says that whatever we work so hard for here, all the money we make and everything that we have here really will never stay when we move on to the next world. … So sometimes, I think we are too focused on everything that is so materialistic and we should maybe focus on the heart, the soul, the compassion, the kindness.


“During these hard times—we know the world is suffering right now—these are beautiful messages and things that Shen Yun could teach the rest of the world. I’m happy it’s [performing] worldwide; we all need this.”


“It is spectacular in every sense. I want everybody to see this show.”