Shen Yun Is Stunning, Says Regional Manager

January 4, 2018

“[Visually] it’s stunning. Not only the colour, but the lighting, the backdrop is phenomenal, how they interact with the backdrop. The precision that they dance with is really, really, really stunning.”

“The social commentary on the state of human rights in China with the communist regime, it’s nice to see that piece in there, too. I wasn’t aware that this was something that you couldn’t see in China … you can’t see it because of the communist regime and their smothering of some of the ancient cultures in that country. I liked the social commentary, it’s very interesting.

“I think it’s really important for them to make the world aware of this kind of stuff that goes on over there. We don’t see it, we’re kind of insulated from it. And they’re even more insulated in their country, so it’s good to cross those bridges and bring that awareness to a different place, to a different culture. It’s a small piece, but if we can understand a little better over here, we can add pressure to our government to have some international pressure to change the way human rights are over there.”

“To hear it, to see it expressed in art, it adds a level of emotion that really makes you feel it, rather than just see it.”