Shen Yun Is Something ‘You Will Never Forget’

April 18, 2018

“[It was] fantastic.”

“I enjoyed it tremendously. I’ve always wanted to do backflips, but I never could. Seeing them do that so effortlessly was just tremendous.”

“I enjoyed the orchestra very much. I was checking them out with binoculars.”

“[The erhu solo was] soulful, very soulful.”

“The vocal power that they had, the opera singers, [was impressive]. Then I was very impressed with the young lady playing the piano.”

“I liked the [vignette] with the bow and arrow, the man learning how to shoot it. I liked it because of the timing of the [interactive animated] screen behind them, and the shooting of the arrows, and then [the artists] becoming part of the screen and jumping back on the stage.”

“I would say [the performance was] very interesting and very visual. [It’s] a good experience, something to see that you will never forget—a graceful performance.”