Shen Yun Is Inspiring And Moving, Theatergoer Says

April 8, 2018

“It was extraordinary–graceful-gorgeous. I have to say, some of the talent, the baritone, and the soprano — it was just beautiful.”

“[The lyrics] were very powerful. I think people will be moved by the performance.”

“I was [moved]. I was here with my mom, so it was a really nice experience for us. We’ve been thinking about coming for years, and we finally did.”

“I don’t know what that instrument was that the young woman was playing [erhu]. That was probably my favorite part. You could hear a pin drop – it was so beautiful.”

“I would encourage people to come. It’s quite beautiful. I think they would really enjoy it.”

“I would say that people will learn a lot, will be inspired, and they’ll take something away from it.”