Shen Yun Is Divinity, Says Retired Professional Photographer

April 2, 2017

“It’s divinity. It’s just something, when you see something beautiful, like a sunset, you want to say to whoever’s around, ‘Oh my goodness, look at that. Look at that moon up there. Notice that.’ And that’s how I feel about this show. It’s definitely something worthwhile for everybody to see.”


“Every year, we go to the Pomona Fair, and we see the Chinese acrobats, and I kind of thought, ‘Well this is going to be like that, and I’ve seen that, and I don’t think I want to come.’ And then we came. And it is like that, but I think the skill is ten times more adept, and ten is probably not high enough of a number, because obviously they’ve really studied classical Chinese dance. And so for me, the skill is maybe the best I’ve ever seen. … I rate it really, really high.”


“We were so impressed. We asked each other in the middle [of the performance], and we said, ‘This is as much as we could have expected, but we didn’t expect how wonderful it was going to be. And the news that it’s different very year, we would see it again and again. And we were just talking about bringing our granddaughter and our daughter, and for sure coming regularly.” 


“I know it’s good for kids. Our granddaughter just started ballet, and Taekwondo, and Judo about a month ago. And we just know that she’s going to love this.”


“[The feeling I had while watching], it’s sort of like the ball of fire that’s inside, that isn’t exploded, it’s just always constantly inside, in the center of your body. But the thing that really affected me the most in the show, is at the very end, when [the explosion occurred]. That’s the power. That part was incredible for me.


“I just thought of spiritual and divinity … That really affected me.”


“I would want to share it (Shen Yun) with anybody I could – either bring them personally or have them see it. It’s funny, I’ve seen what I’m saying on television, when people are talking about this (Shen Yun), and they’re obviously very moved by it, and now I understand why, because I feel that way, and I would want to share it with friends and family.”


“[The digital projection] was incredible. I jumped out of my seat when I first saw the characters on the screen appear on stage.”