Shen Yun is Both Beautiful and Educational, Says Managing Director

April 2, 2017

“I like it a lot. It’s beautiful. The dancing is really beautiful. The costumes are gorgeous, they’re very flowing.” 

“[The digital projection] is really nice. It’s almost like you’re watching an interactive show, like you’re watching a movie, … It’s clever, and I like it. It’s whimsical.” 

“[The vignette about religious persecution] was just moving, and sad. [It] brought tears to my eyes just because it’s a sad story that happens [in modern day China].” 

“It’s sad that there are a lot of things you can and can’t do [in China]. I think it’s a commentary on the realities of other people, and there’s all kinds of stories.” 

“It was nice to see that [spirituality]. … I thought that’s nice, and I think a lot of cultures have a lot of spirituality, and some similarities. … What’s resonating [with] me this whole show is that even though they’re different cultures and they have their own distinct personalities, you see similarities too.” 

“I think it’s beautiful, and it’s meant to be both beautiful and educational at the same time.” 

“I would recommend [Shen Yun]. … I think it’s definitely good to see.”