Shen Yun Is Beautiful, Says French Theatergoer

March 20, 2017

“This is the first time I see the show and it is beautiful; at one point I thought … I imagined it was me coming down from heaven. And I thought, Ahh, that’s great.”

“I am surprised to see the flexibility of these young people. They have to train well. It needs a lot of effort to be flexible like this.”

“In the second part I became aware that in China there are people who are bullied or tortured or not respected—I was a little bit aware of that, but it makes me think a little more—and defend those people who are persecuted.”

“When I see a show like this, I imagine I’m in the show, so I dream with them. In this show we feel a great peace, serenity among the dancers even if they have to make extraordinary physical efforts.”