Shen Yun Is Balm for the Soul, Says Theatregoer

March 3, 2017

“I get the same feeling [watching Shen Yun] as I get when I do tai chi—the openness, the calmness, the centredness—the feeling of it all coming together and being one. It’s just a very loving feeling. I love the compassion and the meditative quality of the performance.”


“I love the performance very much … the beauty, the stillness, the feeling of all of the levels of being coming together—the physical and the emotional. It’s a beautiful performance.”


“I would like everyone I know to come and see this, to have a better understanding of the country and the [Chinese] people and the heart of what they feel—because that’s missing in our fast world, the understanding of other cultures. This is the kind of understanding they need of the Chinese culture.”


“It makes me want to go [to ancient China]. I’d love to go to places where the cultures are doing meditation, see the beauty, see the landscapes, breathe the air, see the way they live, see the [villages] and the way people live. It’s such a vast beautiful country. It just makes me want to be there, it really does.”