Shen Yun Is a ‘Spiritual Phenomenon,’ Says Poet

January 4, 2018

“I was so inspired and so captivated by the music, the dance, the artistry. The costuming was beautiful. The dancers, their energy was phenomenal. … I just thought the choreography was unbelievable.”

“[The classical Chinese dance jumps and flips] are amazing feats. Aerodynamics choreography is just incredible. The fact that these dancers have trained so diligently in their art—it’s just so impressive. It just leaves an impression with you.”

“I love the storytelling aspect. I love the good sort of omens that they try to proliferate through the dance. I think it’s beautiful and very beautifully done.”

“From beginning to end, it’s like a journey that you’re transported to another world, and it’s just a heavenly realm of beauty and artistry and just so, so inspiring.”

“I guess it would be the artistry and the spirituality combined that was so impressive—just beautiful. A message of truth and beauty, goodness, kindness, humanity—all of these good attributes through the dance.”

“[The soprano] was so wonderful. I was so impressed and I just loved the lyrics that she was singing. They were just so lovely. [The lyrics] do resonate with me … the ancient philosophy is so true and it’s captured so beautifully.”

“[The erhu] is amazing. It’s so incredible that you can create so many intonations through this instrument of two strings. Incredible. It’s just lovely and just so spiritually uplifting. … There are no words to describe it, it’s so beautiful.”

“I love the costuming because it’s almost like you’re looking at a painting but it’s actually being reproduced in dance, which is amazing. It’s so beautiful. The flowery sleeves of the costumes and the props that they were using, the flowers—it’s just so incredible. It’s like a living painting, a work of art.”

“The stories are very telling of different fables, I would imagine, and soul searching and trying to find peace and humanity. …. It just rings true to the beauty of belief and hope and faith, inspiration and truth in all things.”

“I loved the ending. It was almost like the beginning. You want to go back and see it again.”

“I would say [to friends to haven’t seen the show] that if you love music and you love dance and you love beautifully performed martial artistry, I would recommend this show as a spiritual phenomenon. It really is.”