Shen Yun is ‘A Feast for the Eyes,’ Says Sound Editor

April 16, 2017

“I like it very much. The music is good, the dancing is particularly good, [and] the colors are amazing.” 

“I like the music. … I like the ethnic instrumentation; it’s very nice. [It is a] good performance. I thought the singer (soprano) was good. … It’s very heart warming.”

“I love the vibrant colors, the grace, and beautiful vibrant colors. [It’s] quite a feast for the eyes.”

“I appreciate, too, the video effects where they have the projected video, and they have the characters fly off screen, onto the stage. I thought that was very effective.

“[I was] enjoying it very much. [It] increased my heart rate in a good way. … [I] enjoyed it.”

“[Shen Yun is] an interesting look at Chinese culture, from thousands of years back, and different dances from different regions, and beautiful costuming and the colors. 

“I recommend that they (friends) see it for sure.”