Shen Yun Is a Beautiful Masterpiece, Says Skincare Company Owner

March 30, 2017

“I love it. It’s very, very cultural, a lot of history. The dance is beautiful, and the message is very important. I think China’s all about being good and being bad. Good vs. bad. To succeed in life, I think it’s pretty much about discipline, being wiser, have balance and be wiser. That’s the secret, I think. That’s the message I got from the show. So it’s beautiful.” 

“The dance … it’s just gorgeous.”

“[The costuming is] beautiful, colorful, gorgeous. Very colorful … they have some strong colors also. It’s the combination, it’s a balance. In the culture they have a lot of balance, a lot of discipline and balance … this is what my business is about. It’s being loving to yourself, find the balance. It’s very important.”

“A lot of stories. I want to learn now, because I don’t know anything about the culture, but it’s fascinating. Very inspirational.” 

“In order for people to succeed … they need to have a lot of discipline and patience, and learn how to be balanced, and be wise, because after that, you become wiser, and that’s the message, the strong message. That’s what I got from the show.” 

“You have to believe in yourself, believe in being good and in karma, what is the consequence.” 

“It’s a beautiful masterpiece, so I really encourage people to see that. It’s learning, it’s beautiful. If you’re searching for something for yourself, it’s a good show to see.”