Shen Yun Inspires Dance Teacher and Artistic Director

January 20, 2018

“The entire show is spectacular! It’s beautiful! There were so many emotions. It took you on a roller coaster.”

“The live orchestra took you into the journey. And then with the digital background, I’ve never seen it live before. [For the dancers] to come in and out of the picture with grace, and just like it was part of the norm, and going into the different worlds and empires and kingdoms was amazing! It was very well done!”

“My journey was emotional. There was humor, there was sadness, there was laughter, there was just pure beauty and love. … And then you’re looking at the beautiful choreography and the formation changes and the precision. And then bringing in the singing [Shen Yun’s vocal performers] and bringing in the musical instrument [the erhu], it was amazing!”

“I noticed the grace, the coordination, their flexibility. Their technique is amazing. It’s beautiful! The grace is, for me, a big part of it, just watching how they flow and how they move.”

“The men [male dancers] were strong and graceful, and the amazing aerials they did in the air, the suspensions—they were just phenomenal dancers. All of them! Every single dancer was precise, and really told a story with their emotion, and the way they acted, they really brought you into their character.”

“From a top view [in the balcony], it was just incredible to see those different formations and the props that they used. … The discipline that the dancers have is just amazing—the practice hours that they must go through.”

“I could see their faces. Even up in the balcony, you could see their faces, you could feel their emotion. It’s a phenomenal theater. You could sit, really, anywhere and still feel the emotion and understand the culture and the stories. I loved the narrative part because it really made you understand and could bring you into what they were really dancing about.”

“I’ve been inspired. I’ve been absolutely inspired. Just the dedication and the story of the culture is phenomenal. I’ll definitely tell everybody they need to come and watch Shen Yun!”