Shen Yun in Boston: The Performance Is Exquisite, Says Doctor

December 28, 2017

“It was exquisite. The dancing was very beautiful. The choreography was very nice.”

“The choreography was always set. Although there were many dancers on the stage at one time, you could see each individual dancer perform, so that was quite amazing. The skill of the choreographer and the individual skills of the dancers were fantastic.”

“I thought people have existential questions and I think when we see this [Shen Yun], this is something which comes to mind to have existential questions … and they want answers. I think what was very impressive is that these [existantial] questions are being asked [during the show].“

“I personally think that it is very important for individual human beings to have a freedom of consciousness… Human beings certainly should have the right to express and believe in what they choose.“