Shen Yun ‘Has a Lot of Layers and Depth,’ Actor Says

April 12, 2018

“I noticed right away that the costume design is amazing—super amazing.”

“Really interesting that [Shen Yun performers] … have a drive and a mission to bring back [the ancient Chinese culture] and spread awareness about traditional Chinese culture.”

“I really like the musical pieces that combine music and dance together, it adds a lot of layers and depth to the show.”

“All around it’s a really great experience.”

“I have learned a lot. I think a lot of Chinese culture is about the land and being connected with the environment, nature, unlike a lot of Western cultures. In Chinese and Eastern cultures, there’s a lot about just being one and whole with everything.”

“The music’s amazing. Everyone should go see the show.”


Bodhi Schulz, actor
The Fred Kavli Theater, Thousand Oaks, United States
Shen Yun World Company
April 11, 2018