Shen Yun Gives Banker a ‘Vivid remembrance’

April 17, 2011 Updated: April 20, 2011

CHICAGO—Audience members thoroughly enjoyed Shen Yun's New York Company's third of ten performances at Chicago's Civic Opera House on the evening of Saturday, April 16th.

Kent Balasco, a banker with First Midwest Bank, who attended with his wife, Carol, and daughter, Sarah, commented that Shen Yun's dancers "make it so effortless in the dance; it's so beautiful.”

Shen Yun's dancers travel and perform with four vocal soloists, who are accompanied by a pianist. In addition, a live orchestra accompanies the dancers. The orchestra's music fits precisely with the dancers' movements, which are often quite difficult.

Most of their dances are representative of Chinese Classical dance; the remainder demonstrate Chinese ethnic and folk dance styles. Classical Chinese dance requires extensive training, and dancers must learn hundreds of traditional poses in addition to complicated twists, flips, and tumbling techniques.

Mrs. Balasco remarked on the digital screen at the back of the stage which interacted with the performers on the stage: “Beautiful scenery and I like the backdrop. It's really neat how they go up and into [it].” During the show, smooth transitions and digital replicas of the performers can at times  make performers appear as if they are descending from the sky or flying up a mountain, for example. Her husband agreed: “It's just gorgeous.”

While Mrs. Balasco was struck by the grace of the performers, using metaphors like "A swan on the lake or a star in the sky," and "graceful, like a bird flying in the sky," Mr. Balasco described the evening with the term "vivid remembrance."

"I just think that the pictures and the scenes and the vivid colors and the costumes and the dress and just the movements and everything" came together to form a strong memory, he said.

It was “an incredible experience,” Mr. Balasco said.

Reporting by Mike Chen and Beth Lambert

Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company will perform at Chicago's Civic Opera House through April 24. For more information, visit