Shen Yun Gave a Great Performance, Businessman Says

February 17, 2018

“Very, very well done, very artistic, very colorful, great dancing, and great music as well.”

“The theatrics are great. I like the motion and everything that really brings out the story line.”

“It’s also good to have the two commentators [one in English and another in Chinese] come out in between and explain what is going on with every theme.”

“[The soprano] is very good, very good voice, great soprano, great big voice, and the piano was a pleasure to hear as well.”

“[The song lyrics bring to mind] that all religions … have a common theme. It would be great if sometime in the future we could unify in more ways. … You know, we should embrace diversity and not be at odds all the time.”

“I’d recommend [Shen Yun]. I would say it is a great show to go see.”