Shen Yun Elevates Audiences Members, Theatregoer Says

December 31, 2017

“Very beautiful, very nice show.”

“I like the orchestra, the mix of traditional Chinese music instruments and Western instruments. That was beautiful. Also they explained that among the dancing, this is traditional Chinese dancing. I liked the part about Falun Dafa because it was real. It was very touching because there’s a lot of believers in China and it’s very very difficult for them to be able to express their own faith.”

“You have a classical orchestra, and then you have dancing, different themes, and you learn from different parts of the history in China. So that was really really nice. The last part with the Falun Dafa was amazing. The final act was gorgeous.”

“We both believe in divine power, so we both have a spiritual practice. So that’s why I think we were touched by what they were going through.”

“I would say [to others] it’s one of a kind show because you have that combination. Sometime people will go to classical concerts or dance concerts, you have both [with Shen Yun]. You get to learn so much about the history of China. China has thousands of years of history, and it’s for everyone. Everyone can enjoy it. You will learn something and it elevates you as well. It’s a wonderful experience.”