Theatrical Costume Designer: ‘Absolutely excellent!’

April 9, 2009 Updated: October 31, 2009

EDINBURGH, Scotland—Shen Yun Performing Arts delighted the audience on Wednesday night, drawing appreciation from audience members from many walks of life. Ms Macmillian works as a theatrical costume maker throughout Scotland, and was particularly impressed with the costumes.

"I thought they looked just beautiful—they made a very good impression. I think the costumes were very suitable for the moods for each piece. Some were particularly dramatic," she said.

Her favourite dance was Welcoming Spring, where the dances had pink fans. "The fabric on the sleeves was very elegant. I also enjoyed the men—they were very dramatic and strong. And I also enjoyed the uniformity of the dancing."

Ms Macmillian said she appreciated the singers, being an amateur singer herself. "I enjoyed the three singers, not to mention the lady who played the piano—absolutely excellent.

"I think it's wonderful that you bring your country and culture here," she said, explaining that she had visited China last year. She said she liked to see young people performing and thought the girls were "particularly beautiful."

Mr Kinder, a senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh "thought [this show] was excellent, very professionally performed. Endearing and affectionate towards Chinese culture.

"We have a great deal to learn from China—mutual respect—best conveyed as a sharing of intellectual ideas, like we have seen today.

"I would recommend any one to come along to this show. The students from the university, which I have seen tonight, they have all had a great time!" said Mr Kinder.

NTDTV contributed to this report.

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