Shen Yun Draws You in to Feel Divinity

March 25, 2018

“[Shen Yun’s] something unique. We have seen some other performances, especially Indian performances. It took seven, nine years to master [dance techniques], so we know what it takes to get to the level of what these performances are. It’s not like something easy.”

“These artists must have spent religiously, on a daily basis, hours of practice.”

“[The animation in] the second to the last [dance], the Buddha and his monks, that was pretty amazing. It draws you right there. So, you feel some divinity.”

“[Like] we know that our [Indian] culture, … our culture’s many, many thousands of years old, and it gives you good satisfaction that something we saw in books [China’s history] now we can see on performance or by stage plus that backdrop and technology—gives you a feel of you’re in that atmosphere.”