Shen Yun Dancers ‘Look Magical,’ ‘Above Human,’ Says Producer

April 17, 2017

“Magical, beautiful. Love it.” 

“I find it very moving. I am kind of mesmerized by both the dancing and the stories behind them, which I really love. I like the idea, spirit, and people.” 

“It looks like [the dancers] almost are floating. It seems effortless, but I know how much effort goes into it. When I say magical, it almost looks above human.” 

“It’s really well done, quite beautiful. The way they are using the screens makes you feel like it expands beyond the stage. It’s really, really wonderful.” 

“I certainly have seen live productions, but I haven’t seen anything in a two-dimentional settings go beyond.” 

“[The dancing] looked effortless in many ways, but I know how difficult it is, so when they are tumbling and moving through the air, just when they move on stage, I literally thought at first they were moving on some kind of conveyor belt. Like they are floating.” 

“I really like the “Yellow blossoms” [dance] … I thought about chrysanthemums … I also like the beginning intro when the narrators came out, which is another nice little aspect. They come out before each of the pieces starts.”

“For me, there’s discipline and training [that] comes with the sense of you have to know your core and your center, you have to be grounded in something, to move beyond.

“Peace and focus, and that kind of going-beyond-material and things that we require, I suppose things we experience, that’s why I like it. It gets me out of myself. I know I’m lost in it. I don’t think about the outside world. I am kind of brought into it. I think it has a very profound impact.”