Shen Yun Dancers Have ‘A sort of psychic ability’ To Dance as One, says Writer

January 22, 2017

“This is my first time and I thought it was wonderful. It is just absolutely beautiful. I just enjoyed it so much. The talent is amazing, absolutely amazing.”


“The dancers are so dedicated. They are not only dancers, they have to have a spirituality to be able to move their bodies and have the discipline that they have.”


“There’s almost a sort of psychic ability, the way they communicated with each other. So you feel that communication. It’s such a team, it’s not just an individual. They work as a unit and physically together they are like one. So it’s not just physical, it’s mental—they feel that connection with each other so they are all on the same kind of spiritual plane.”


“I think they are spiritual, but they are also devoted. They are devoted to a certain cause, they might have known that their ancestors had a struggle, and they are fortunate to have this opportunity. They feel blessed to have this expression, which is important. I think that all Canadians should be aware of the dedication. I just want more people from Toronto to see the show.”


“[I feel] very warm, and just admiration and devotion too. … You can feel the spiritual side as well, which is very important.”


“I want to come back again for another show. It’s amazing, totally amazing.”