Shen Yun Dancers Dance From Their Spirit

April 19, 2017

“The dancers dance their joy, they dance their pain, they dance their excitement, they dance everything inside. It’s sort of who they are and that comes from your spirit.”

“I like the fact that the culture is continuing. I just think it’s an interesting opportunity to experience something different and to connect with someone else’s experience and their culture.”

“There’s lots of different ways that people can benefit, educationally, the stories are interesting.”

“It’s unifying in a way because dance has no language and so everyone can enjoy it and everyone can be a part of it.”

“You feel them [the stories], you don’t necessarily understand them on a literal level but you feel them on a different level. … It just gives you that sense of hope.”

“I encourage students to explore cultures outside of their own and to appreciate them. I think appreciation is important, to understand where people come from and appreciate it.”