Shen Yun Captivating for Professor

January 14, 2018

“I find it captivating. I like all the sharp colours, and I am captivated by the way they move their feet, such little steps at a time.”

“I think one of the most impressive parts is when they portray a scene that has got human compassion in it. I think that when we have compassion in our hearts, we are safe human beings. Then, we are universal humans, then, there is no colour, no race, no ethnicity. We are all people who have a tender space in our hearts. I think that shows.”

“They are very skilful.”

“It’s very colourful. Very colourful. Full of meaning. … You have to watch carefully … I can actually see their faces and the expressions on the face. And I noticed that there was one very sad scene, when they all had a very sad expression on their face, and then you see the joy on their face, that’s a relay and interpretation of the human heart that shows through. And that’s why we have this kind of performance. Keeps us in touch.”