‘This is what all Chinese people can be proud of’

April 10, 2009 Updated: April 13, 2009

BRISBANE, Australia—A Chinese mainlander said the Shen Yun Performing Arts 2009 World Tour was “what all Chinese can be proud of” after watching Saturday’s matinee performance in Brisbane’s Queensland Conservatorium Theatre.

Leaving the theatre after the show on April 11, Mrs. Chen could be heard telling her friends, “That was great! Brilliant!”

She told The Epoch Times that Shen Yun Performing Arts had faithfully conveyed Chinese culture. “I was very excited; all the shows were excellent, brilliant. They showed the traditional culture of China, which made me very happy. This is what all Chinese people can be proud of.

“The shows were excellent. They faithfully presented the true culture of China, from ancient times to the present … especially with the introduction of celestial beings. It was very good.”

Mrs. Chen came to Australia from Guangdong Province less than a year ago to see her daughter. While her daughter wasn’t with her, she was accompanied by her 5-year-old grandson and some of her daughter’s friends.

Mrs. Chen said the show contained deep messages, such as the story of drunken poet Li Bai [The Poet’s Vision], which shows his talents and styles of poetry.

She also liked the skills displayed by the performers in the story of monkey king Sun Wukong [The Monkey King Triumphs].

She said that she had seen other shows in China, but none compared. “Shen Yun really shows what is good, truly good. Nothing from China can compare with that.

“The singing was good. It sounded good. The lyrics were clear and easy to understand. The dancers were skilled, especially the one showing phoenix dancing [The Mystical Phoenix]. It was beautiful. They danced flawlessly,” Mrs. Chen said.

Her friends agreed the show was good, and her grandson also said the dancing and singing were great.

Another two audience members were friends Helen and Diane, who grew up together and often go to see shows.

Diane said, "It was just absolutely out of this world. Oh, I’d love to see it again and again! It was absolutely wonderful. The performance was marvellous. I was crying sometimes, it was so beautiful. Absolutely wonderful!

"There’s nothing you can say that wasn’t absolutely gorgeous.

"It gets right to your heart, and I think it unites people. I hope that it does unite people across the world, that there is no division between whatever country we come from. We’re all one people."

Helen had similar things to say. "Absolutely wonderful, quite emotional,” she said.

She said the show would appeal to anyone, regardless of their age or culture. "I think it’s an encouragement for people to want something better in life. That’s what I felt. I just could feel the goodness of the people. It was just beautiful, absolutely beautiful. … Very, very talented, beautiful people."

Don Robertson contributed to this report.

Brisbane has a matinee on Sunday, April 12. Shen Yun will be in Toowoomba on Monday, April 13.

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