Shen Yun Artists ‘Display Freedom,’ Says Visual Artist

January 22, 2017

“We are very much enjoying the show. It’s very beautiful.”


“The colours and the movement—it is just really inspiring. You don’t know where to look sometimes. There is so much going on—and just to see the human body in such wonderful condition—the art of the dancers is just amazing.


“We are also really enjoying the music. I used to play the violin, and so we really loved the music. … And especially the pipa and the [erhu]. It’s just a very wonderful sound.”


“They [the dancers] have enough discipline and strength in order to display freedom. They look so free and so fluid, and you know it’s because of all of the discipline and all of the training … The music is the same. It sounds so free because of the skill and the dedication, and the passion that goes behind it.”


“There is the idea of standing for what you believe in [in the performance]. There is one piece that is very much about that. Risking even your life because of your beliefs and your fundamental stance and perspective on life. That was very strong how it came through that one piece. … It seems to be pointing to the courage of spirit.”


“It’s almost like we are at a museum. You’re watching the pieces of history. Either in dance or in the costume, there is a lot of history in the movement.”