Shen Yun Appreciated in Seattle

March 29, 2018

“The beauty of the orchestra, the music, the discipline of the dance, all of the moves, and costuming is brilliant. The background is amazing.”

“I thought [the performance] was wonderful. China is the Middle Kingdom, meaning it is the center. … They have the sense of being very unique. All people can share that [message] because we all come from the same Creator.”

“The Chinese culture is incredible. It has history to it, things that we Westerners don’t always know about because we were never taught those things. I appreciated [the historical] aspect.”

“The core of the message [in the performance] is of good and evil. That comes through. Also of how people who seek the truth are suppressed [in China] … God put [the search for the truth] in everyone, that’s universal … Believers of [Falun Dafa] are persecuted, just like Christians in China—it’s very sad. … I will keep praying for the Chinese people to come out of the oppression—there’s hope, and that’s true.”