Shen Yun an Opportunity to See Into the Depths of Chinese Culture

February 25, 2018

“[My family] surprised me for my birthday with the [Shen Yun] performance, … so this is why we’re here. It’s a family event, and I am so overwhelmed. I think it’s absolutely wonderful, beautiful, and breathtaking.”

“It’s beautiful art.”

“[The soprano’s] voice is so beautiful. I was captivated by her voice.”

“Such a beautiful performance that can’t even be expressed in their own country. … That is very sad.”

“You need to see this, so you understand the culture. You get a glimpse. This is more than a glimpse. This is an absolute ability to see into the depths of that culture and the beauty of that culture. So yes, I recommend [Shen Yun] 100 percent.”