Shen Yun, ‘An explosion of sound and colours’

April 27, 2017

“It was beautiful, I loved the music, and hearing the mix between the classical and the Chinese instruments. And the dance, and the traditional elements I’ve enjoyed particularly, the fans and the long sleeves, and the umbrellas, that was beautiful.”

“The dresses, I thought every single one of them were so beautiful. And the colours, it was just a spectacular experiences for all senses, all the colours, the fans and how they managed to create all the shapes and forms, individual dancers, but also as a group—it was beautiful.”

“An explosion of sound and colours, and very interesting stories and insights into different times and parts of the culture. We heard stories from thousands of years ago, but also modern times. … Then they travel through time, and the traditional folk and ethnic dances from different times and areas.”

“I would highly recommend it to my friends.”