Shen Yun ‘A feast for your eyes and your soul,’ Says Physician

March 18, 2017

“I love the performance. I adore it; this is my second time. … I came last year, and I was in awe.”


“I was telling my brother that it was so magnificent last year, and there’s always something going on on stage, and the settings and the backdrop, and those people flying in, and the lighting, that I couldn’t drink it in enough last year, and I was thinking that I would have loved to see it go on and on.


“So, when I came back this year, I knew I’d have the same reaction, and I knew it would be different, and I was excited – just excited – because I knew that it was going to be magical, and it was.”


“I love that philosophy [that music has healing properties] … I was in Southeast Asia recently, and I was surrounded by Buddhism and meditation, and I just love it because it’s about love and kindness and peacefulness, and honesty. … and what communism and other forms of tyrannical governments do is murder the soul, and everything that [Shen Yun] represents is to enhance the soul and to enlighten people.”



“It’s filled with humor and pathos and compassion, and I really think it shows the depth and breadth of the Chinese soul.”



“You are going to experience something that you will not be able to describe; you just have to experience it. It is going to be a feast for your eyes and your soul – the colors, the music, the artistry – it’s just like nothing you have ever seen or will ever see.”


“People should see this again and again. I’d come back.”