Shen Yun ‘A Feast for the Eyes’ Says Novelist and Business Lawyer

April 30, 2017

“[It’s] a celebration of costume and color. It was very colorful. I came because I love color, and it lived up to that.”

“I’m really glad I saw it. I have heard, there is such a buzz about this. You can’t have the Internet and not know about it. They’re doing a great job of marketing, and I’m glad they are, because I think everyone should see this. It’s really lovely.”

“[The dancers] made great use of their sleeves and their skirts. It was beautiful. It was a feast for the eyes. Obviously, they syncopated, and they were in synchrony. It goes without saying [that] they were very, very professional.”

“I like the technology (digital animation), with [the dancers jumping] in and out of the screen. It kept me interested. If nothing else, every time it happened, part of my brain would think, ‘How did they do that?’”

“The stories were interesting. I like the way they talked about the history of the country, and how they started chronologically. [It’s] very, very nice.”

“I was surprised at the way they symbolized the government, to me somewhat harshly, and I like that. I think that was a very interesting take. … I had that same feeling that the [Chinese] people really were more for the traditional ways, and they felt that the [Chinese] government came in, and then squashed the monasteries, and squashed the farmers. We definitely got that from watching this. It was portrayed very nicely … It’s very educational.”

“I think it expands people’s minds and knowledge about their (Chinese) culture in a very lovely dance form, so it’s very palatable.”