Scream for Ice Cream: Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream on the Cheap for New Year’s Eve

By Jim Liao
Jim Liao
Jim Liao
December 30, 2015 Updated: December 31, 2015

This year is a big year for ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins.

In honor of its 70th anniversary, the chain is carrying out its “Celebrate 31” promotion in honor of the 31 original flavors when Baskin Robbins first opened in 1945.

This means that you can get ice cream on the cheap on every “31st” in the month.

This will be especially so for New Years Eve, where you can get any one scoop of ice cream for just $1.31, or a two-scoop sundae for $3.31.

The flavors aren’t only limited to the 31 original flavors, of course. Since opening, Baskin-Robbins has extended its menu to over 1,000 flavors, so be sure not to miss the seasonal flavors that are available, such as peppermint or eggnog.

Keep in mind that not all Baskin-Robbins stores are participating, so double-check with your local stores first before going.

Jim Liao