School Administrator Sees ‘Redemption, Forgiveness, Peace’ in Shen Yun

February 5, 2018

“My eyes are wide open watching every movement; it’s beautiful. Its joyful, it’s very joyful. … It’s been a wonderful treat.”

“I like the cultural ethnic dances; I think that is fascinating to see the differences. And the one about persecution and being saved at the end, it’s very beautiful. The costumes and the colors are beautiful as well, so the story telling is wonderful along with the dance moves.”

“Redemption, forgiveness, peace—all of those things, we could use a lot of that in these days. I think there are common themes for any culture in any country.”

“I see a number of children here, so I think it would be wonderful [for children], not only for just the culture of the music and the dance, but the themes that they are trying to share as well.”