Santa Impersonator Appreciates Imagination in Shen Yun

April 9, 2017

“I loved it. It was great, costumes were wonderful, the dancing was great. It told an interesting story. I think it’s interesting, preserving and bringing back the history and culture of China, which existed and was flourishing long before our civilization in Europe was very advanced at all. Few people realized how far back that goes.” 


“They’re doing it very well, incorporating the music and dance of China. You know, they’re [communicating] the history, and then with the music and dance, it was very inventive … Wonderful, imaginative work.”


“It was very professionally done, no question about it.” 


“To incorporate [the orchestra] as part of the whole [production] was very well done. They maintained the sound of the Chinese music.”


“I hope that it will encourage more people to look back and try to understand more about Chinese culture and all that it has contributed to our culture. So many things, so many simple things … some very important advances came from Chinese civilization, and I just wish that more people were more appreciative of that.”


“I would definitely recommend it.”


“It’s just a great show, well worth the money, and fantastic production, with a lot of imagination.”